Meet Our Authors

We are the 762 Park Team, a group of real estate experts dedicated lớn reviewing and providing information about buildings worldwide.

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Our talented authors possess diverse skills and backgrounds, ensuring comprehensive & accurate content for our users. Let's introduce you to our esteemed experts:


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Andrew Kingsword

  • Architectural graduate from the prestigious Architectural Association School of Architecture
  • Expert in in-depth building nhận xét and insightful architectural information
  • Passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge và expertise with our users
  • A key contributor lớn the reliability và depth of our platform's content

Ms. Ling Ling

  • Finance and real estate attorney, currently working at VinaCapital
  • Specializes in property markets, real estate law, and financial trends
  • Offers invaluable insights based on her well-rounded perspective on the industry
  • Contributes to lớn a comprehensive understanding of the properties và projects we cover

With their high level of expertise và diverse backgrounds, our team of authors makes the 762 Park Team a trusted source of information in the world of real estate & architecture. Rely on our experts khổng lồ guide you through your journey in discovering the world's most fascinating buildings.


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